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Packaging Machinery Control System Development
2015/4/23 10:06:25

Among Asia, only one, the new U.S. stars such as these domestic packaging machinery manufacturers began to produce when blowing machine, this phenomenon represents a trend is no longer a discrete packaging production, in order to provide the delivery capacity of the whole plant and equipment connections become more important, from a technical point of view, it is better to be able to provide mechanical connectivity, hardware, software, the demand for consistency, and from customer demand, the turnkey project change even more important.

For a lot of production, such as beer, cola, mineral water, milk, these products, the line production can increase their production efficiency, Krones, SIG, Trapack these internationally renowned makers have to provide not only equipment, they provide the solution of the entire plant - in fact, the hardware is no longer so important, and they are increasing higher value-added systems, management and optimization of the whole plant system software and solutions.

Krones This figure shows the structure of the whole plant management system, each production unit of data such as machine status, such as batch control data through standard data bus to the host, and device configuration parameters, formulation data, master data, and also through standard bus reaches the next level production equipment, production planning data, operational control, documentation, maintenance, analysis and optimization on a management level to the implementation of ERP systems through the user interface to connect to, the entire plant data management.

Krones system throughout the production process has been effectively monitor product quality and efficiency of the various factors have been quantified and presented to the host of tools to allow managers to receive timely on-site equipment and technology problems and provide timely correction , including the impact of various factors to control costs and can reduce the effective cost analysis to improve overall production efficiency.

ERP and on-site instrumentation and control level of integration makes the entire plant to become transparent, more accessible optimization and improvement. This is the future direction of development of the packaging industry - the software became more important here, not just the equipment.

Complete engineering design platform

How to integrate the entire production process framework? This requires a complete platform support - can provide a complete software system as a whole smooth connection, the program more modular design and open software library with support capabilities, such as IEC61131 , PLCopen Motion, Safety, Hydraulic, Logic design capabilities, and, for the OMAC's PackML functional library support, and B # amp; R control system to integrate these libraries open platform in its projects, which will packaging machinery to provide a better platform for designers, enabling them to more quickly using the existing library functions to achieve the system development.